meet the coaches

Head Coach Carl Sparg

CrossFit Level 2 (CFL2) trainer

Today we take a moment to introduce to you our Head Coach, Carl Sparg:

I saw CrossFit in a Men’s Health magazine and sent it to my brother who was in JHB at the time. I told him he should check it out coz it looked cool and might appeal to him. I was pretty sure that there wouldn’t be one of those in East London. He signed up and a month or 2 later called to let me know that the Fittest Man in Africa at the time (Dave Levey) was in East London and had started a box called CrossFit East London. At that point I was all out of excuses. Best decision I ever made. My L1 cert seemed like a natural progression I just wanted to learn more about CrossFit, I had no intention of getting into coaching. Once I got back and had passed the exam, I took a few classes and before I knew it I was coaching full time part time (or part time full time).

Zhane Franzsen

CrossFit Level 1 (CFL1) trainer
Today we introduce you to one of our awesome coaches:
I was invited by a friend to attend my first CrossFit class somewhat 8 years ago. After my first WOD I nearly died😂, but hey, I’m still here! CrossFit changed my life for the good!
I love meeting new people and feel privileged to be able to witness and support others in making a transformation to which they will never look back…no matter what age or fitness level you are on, crossfit has something for everyone.
At CrossFit you are not just a number, you are part of a community. I truly love the camaraderie we have at our box. The suffering together, but also gaining together. What I love most is supporting my class attendants to be the best they can be by being #strongertogether.