To provide the world’s most effective, functional and virtuous training for developing complete health, fitness and performance regardless of age or perceived limitations.


To become a community inspiring a following that strives for complete health, fitness and performance, regardless of age or perceived limitations.


• Servant Leadership

• Virtuosity – “doing the common uncommonly well”
• Optimism and Positive Mindset
• Integrity, Honesty and Open Communication
• Courageous yet Disciplined and Dedicated
• Community Involvement and Guidance
• Loads of Fun while maintaining Responsibility
• Constantly Evolving and Improving
• Legendary Exceeding of Expectations

The Difference…

Watching the clips on our home page, you will notice that our training is different to that of your average gym/training facility in South Africa.

In a word, CrossFit is the sport of fitness. It is a brand, and a sport, started in the United States, that is now growing world-wide.

The CrossFit Method of training will challenge your boundaries using the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

CrossFit focuses on optimizing physical competence in each of the 10 recognized fitness domains, namely Cardio-respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. The results are phenomenal!

We incorporate the principles of CrossFit into every conditioning program that we have on offer. CrossFit East London programs are limited to small groups of people. This increases the personal attention that each client has with the coach. CrossFit East London has the benefits of personal training (coaching) but at a fraction of the cost!

Who Is This For…?

…for people from diverse backgrounds (i.e. from scholars and students, to business men and women, to stay-at-home moms, to retired folk, to athletes to martial artists) and different levels of physical condition.  The atmosphere is one of support, camaraderie and accountability for anyone who is willing to put in the effort and work. The dynamics of these group workouts are great for camaraderie and support. You will achieve goals that you previously thought were impossible!

Our Belief…

…is that fitness is a state of mind. It starts with your thinking, which influences your actions, your habits, your character and ultimately your destiny. This is evident at all times! Science has shown that by being physically fit one can prevent the onset of a myriad of poor health conditions. Being physically fit is also the key to reducing the immediate and cumulative effects of stress and anxiety.  It enables one to physically, mentally and spiritually achieve more in life than what would occur in a state of low fitness. Physical fitness enables one to live life to the fullest adding immense quality, optimism and fun to living!

Institute of Elite Fitness Coaching…

CrossFit East London is all about educating and growing the client, improving one’s self physically, and mentally. Students (clients) are continuously challenged to improve their health & fitness knowledge, skills and encouraged to overcome their perceived limitations irrespective of age.  That is the essence of “CrossFitting” – to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable”

Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “doing the common uncommonly well” (CFJ, Aug 2005). The principle of virtuosity is continuously applied to ensure that the mechanics of fundamental movements are improved upon, ensuring students strive for true mastery and safety at all times.

The Experience…

The Coaches continuously seek to improve their knowledge through studying CrossFit’s massive open source resource, and attending training seminars and workshops.

The founder and head coach, Dave Levey is a Biokineticist with a master’s degree in Human Movement Science, 2 x Reebok CrossFit Games competitor and 2012 and 2013 African Regional Winner.

Rob de Lange has completed his Coaches Prep Course, CrossFit Kids Trainer Course and also his Level 1 Trainer course.