Foam Roll/Trigger/Warm-up/Mobilise/Activate



1a) If you missed on Thursday/Friday, take 15 min to find your Strict Press 1RM

Score = Load


1b) If you missed Heavy Grace yesterday…plse complete today:

Complete the following for time:

Heavy Grace – 30 Clean and Jerks (102kg/71,4kg or 70% 1RM) for time


Time Cap 10 min

Score = Time / TC plus 1 sec/rep missed


for the rest…


1c) Rowing – 500 m Time Trial

Score = Time


NB – Warm-up on the rower, adding in some shorter progressive sprints




2) Strength:

Back Squat 10-10-20 (10’s – 80% 1RM; 20 – 65%; Leaving every 2,5 min)

Score = Loads


Cool-down/Trigger Ball/Foam Roll/Stretch


Featured Image – Featured Image – Best of Luck to Dave, Dean & Aidan competing at Last

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