A) Front Squat

  • 5-5-5-15




B) Partner (pairs) WOD…
AMRAP each of the following for 4 minutes (choose a heavy weight, do really fast and switch to partner before reps slow down). There is no rest between stations. Record scores individually.

AMRAP 4 min of:

  • KB Swings

AMRAP 4 min of:

  • Wall Balls (10 kg / 7.5 kg)

AMRAP 4 min of:

  • OH lunges (hold a BB plate overhead & lunge on the same spot, alternating legs)

AMRAP 4 min of:

  • Shoulder to overhead (60 kg / 40 kg)


Score = Total Reps per pair

Cool-down/Trigger Ball/Foam Roll/Stretch